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Monday, February 27, 2012

Abolitionist vs. De-criminalization

I'm tired of the Abolitionist vs. De-criminalization war. More than anything I hear both sides being concerned about the same things; violence, poverty, exploitation, marginalized and vulnerable women. The difference between the “sides” usually comes from having personal experience that fundamentally changes how individuals view the situation.

To have two fundamentally opposed groups so loud in the dialogue I'm concerned that it takes the focus away from what BOTH sides desire: women to not die, be assaulted, or treated as disposable.

I would love to see a willing and open dialogue started with representation from both perspectives to work on SOLUTIONS that find common ground. I believe the division of people who are concerned about the safety of aboriginal and street workers is weakening the cause and allows mainstream society and government to feel justified in inaction.

Here's reality:
People involved in the sex industry experience violence more frequently than women who are not in the sex industry
A disproportionate amount of survival sex workers in are aboriginal.
No one supports assault, rape or murder.
No one supports child prostitution.
People are NOT disposable.

To me that sounds like a reasonable starting ground to look at solutions. I challenge people to cross the divide with compassion and start a dialogue focused on solutions. I challenge advocates from both sides to sit at a table with an open heart and really HEAR the shared truths.

Do you think it's possible?

(I realize male & trans workers are also vulnerable & marginalized. Also, I'm in Canada speaking as such. Forgive me for not qualifying everything I say.)


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