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Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm not here

I'm back... but not here!

Life is good. Life is actually amazing and I'm super busy, inspired, and in love with every single moment of each day. Obviously it's been a while since I wrote anything and that's for a lot of reasons.

Honestly I didn't write in 2008. I wasn't doing a lot of soul searching or reflection. It was a very productive year for stability, practice, and professional growth. Stiletto Storm has grown in leaps and bounds and I'm amazed every day. Exotic Dancers for Cancer is coming up again on April 30 and I hope everyone will come out and support the cause. You can keep up with what I'm doing professionally at Stiletto Storm

I am a writer and it is core to Who I Am. I'm writing again-- just not here. The new blog is much more intimate and spiritual. As such I am keeping it anonymous. I haven't decided if I'm willing to share it, but you are welcome to message me and ask for the link. I may or may not respond.

I'll try to post updates on here occasionally but as I'm no longer dancing, and that chapter is over I think this story is finished.

Please enjoy the archives and thank you for sharing this journey with me.
Ryann Rain.


  • At 5:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Ryann. I have occasionally been reading your blog entries over the months (I say occasionally because I rarely ventured to blogspot) but I have to say I have found what I have read to be very intriguing. Not intriguing in a weird way mind you, but rather intriguing in a 'your-life-would-make-a-very-good-autobiography' sort of way. While I sure haven't frequented the comments section regularly (I've probably only left, what, two comments?), I would be very interested in reading your new blog. Why do I suddenly ask for permission now? Well, I've had an extra kick of inspiration to start a blog again, and since that means I would be hanging out on blogspot more, I guess you're blog has become an interest of mine again. I swear I wouldn't just be a stranger if you find me worthy of sharing the link with, but even so, I completely understand if your answer is no (and/or simply ignoring my request), especially since the new blog is more personal/spiritual.

    Hoping against reason,


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