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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ALL Costumes for SALE

It's time to clear out the stripper stuff. I'm selling everything. I have some fantastic feature costumes. FEATURE COSTUMES FOR SALE!!! Construction, BLue flat sequins, Scottish, Angel, Top Gun, Sailor Moon + a few more.

contact ryann (at) stilettostorm (dot) com for info or purchase. Payment through paypal or email transfer.

 I can deliver to Vancouver, Nanaimo or Victoria or ship anywhere in Canada. You can check out pics on facebook as well COSTUMES FOR SALE

Cleopatra 10 pieces sensual costume, very showy on stage. The mask gives it the effect & the split skirt adds the spin on stage. $150.00

 FIRE 4 pieces casual but looks HOT on stage. You can add pieces to it (black pants or shorts) $60.00

Scottish School Girl 9 pieces This outfit looks super pro on stage. It's sexy, has a ton of details and pieces & the layers go from Scottish dancer to naughty school girl. It's as much fun as a kilt can be. Good details on the under pieces as well $200.00

Country Girl 10 pieces Adorable! I call it my "fuck me in a haystack costume", comes with a body cage & the under pieces are super cute. Bra fits 32-34C. It's also a very flattering dress for those shows right after dinner. Comes with a beat up cowboy hat $175.00

 Cat 6 pieces fuzzy cozy kitty costume, super cute & warm for those chilly afternoons up north. Ideal for petite dancer as the pants are shorter & the top is snug $50.00

 Top Gun 5 pieces Top Gun navy whites has the snap up shirt which can be ripped open. A lot of the bling on the high traction areas has fallen off but it still looks great on stage. $120.00

 Navy Sailor 4 pieces Authentic Navy jacket & hat, hardy worn. Needs new pants $60.00

  Blue Sequin 8 pieces This is one of my FAVORITE costumes because it's showy, shiny, good for any feature show but has no theme. Made by Fantasy Dance Wear. It's adorable with the bow details. The bow on the butt is my fav. The top laces & zips so it's totally adjustable as well. $200.00 SOLD

Canucks 4 pieces Still looks good on stage but could really use a new jersey at some point as it's getting faded. The under pieces have the vintage logo on them & and pants are awesome $100.00 

Angel 8 pieces I love how this looks on stage, it's slick & shiny and beautiful. Lots of beads & feathers. It's a tube top so not the easiest to get out of (I'd practice a couple times). You'll want to add more feather boa pieces to it at some point to fill it out as it's worn more. One of the boas needs to be re-attached to the arm sleeve $120.00

 Construction 9 pieces I wore this with little wife beaters from zellers that I could cut & rip apart- it looked great and made a kick ass contest show with a few easy to find props. Comes with tool belt, suspenders, 2 pairs of shorts & “do not enter” panties & high vis boot covers too $75.00

 Playboy Bunny 6 pieces cute, lil bunny outfit. It's not super stagey but awesome for VIPs or stags $30.00

 Heart Leopard VIP 5 pieces sexy VIP outfit, tiny panties & string bikini top with a cute jacket & lil booty shorts $40.00

 Blue VIP outfit 4 pieces 2 options for bras, simple & sexy. It looks painted on $30.00

 Green & black jammer 5 pieces easy afternoon show, comfy, sexy & looks good on stage $30.00 

VIP 2 pieces FREE with purchase of any larger costume. The blue one is best on someone with abs as the metal rings can dig into flesh around the hips $0.00

 Gangsta 4 pieces I love this outfit. It needs a new bowler hat to complete the costume. Looks great on stage. I have a toy gun with it if you want it $60.00

50's poodle skirt 3 pieces Greased Lightening! Super fun, skirt spins all the way out. The sweater is a sweater- it's hot & no way you're wearing it for more than one song. Needs simple white under pieces $60.00


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