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Friday, April 14, 2006


I’ve been debating what to blog about, but all I can think about is sex. Not in an uncontrollable hormonal sense, but rather in a fervent intellectual contemplation. Ideas and fantasies can be so powerful. I’m fascinated with the potential. I want to taste more, feel more, read more, give more, write more, and take more. I’ve been thinking about how mysterious and spiritual sex can be, and at the same time enjoying the aphrodisiac of detachment. The mind and the imagination are so fucking sexy. I love to let my mind wander. I’ve been thinking about the interplay between power and passion.

There are individuals that have recently caught my attention.
There are men that ensnared my passion long ago, and have yet to release me.

Oh yes, I am single.

I have a friend who has been subtly present for many years. I don’t know that our paths will ever cross in an intimate encounter, but I know in my gut if they ever did it would change my life, and touch my soul. The simple suggestion of that union elicits simultaneous passion and uncertainty.

Every so often someone crosses my path and immediately leaves an impression.
Every so often someone is surprising
…and perfection is attained.

Sometimes the simplicity is powerful.
Sometimes the power dissipates into total release.
Sometimes the unknown is irresistible.

Sometimes temptation is absolute.


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