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Sunday, November 12, 2006

He owes me $40

A twenty is folded and handed to me “take him for a dance” I’m told, as the young guy motions to his friend. I smile and take the hand of the pretty blonde, leading him off to the VIP room. Lounging on a dark couch, the music changes and I begin to seduce him. Sexy, and smooth I arch against him, taunting him with my body. It’s working. His eyes are glazed, transfixed on the naked body in his lap. He wants more. “Would you like another song sweetie?” I ask softly. He nods, licking his lips while staring at my breasts. I dance. I tease. I taunt. I seduce. I do another song. He’s in awe as the music fades again. “Would you like another song? You owe me $40 already babe”

“Huh?” The mention of money jolts him back to reality. “Why didn’t you tell me that?” He accuses.

It’s $20 per song. You’re friend bought the first song, and then you had two more. No big deal, you just owe me $40.

Well it’s my birthday, I don’t have any money.

Okay, well I suggest you borrow it from a friend

You really should tell people that it costs more

It’s not $20 for unlimited dances

Well you didn’t tell me. That’s not very professional of you. (by this time, I’m dressed, we’re back in the bar and looking for his friend)

I said, would you like another song. You said yes.

But you should have told me. That’s bullshit. I shouldn’t have to pay for it.

Look kid, So far I’ve been really nice. Don’t be stupid, just pay me.

Well I could go outside and look for him

Hahahahaha. No. I’m not about to let you walk out of here without paying me.

Well I didn’t know it costs more.

(rolling my eyes) We’ve been over this, and I’m done explaining it.

I turn to a nearby bouncer and quickly explain “He owes me $40, and can’t find his friend. ” The bouncer nods, and walks us towards the front door. “What the fuck?” Pretty blonde is bitching, and whining now. He sees the bouncers and glares at me. “What now you’re going to get me beat up and kicked out? How is that fair?” “You owe me $40.” I’m sick of this kid. The manager is there, talking to another doorman. He pauses immediately to give us his full attention. The situation is explained, and I’m told to go back on the floor. I shake my head to myself as I walk away, listening to him explain his side to management… “But I didn’t know it was per song… she…”

The next time I run into the Manager on the floor he hands me $40.

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  • At 7:22 PM, Blogger Semi-Celibate Man said…

    I've always thought that strip clubs should have more explicit signage explaining the pricing, so it's not left up to the dancers to explain and try to enforce. I remember walking into a Deja Vu once and they had menus on the table with all the possible dance prices. Right there for everyone to see as they sat down at a table. Very professional, I thought.

    Glad you got your money. I doubt he'll make that mistake again. A semi-naked learning curve!


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