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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Lap dances

There’s a large degree of separation between the west and the east in this business. Western Canada is primarily Showgirls. Dancers switch clubs on a weekly basis, and often travel. The division between your greenest rookie and your most seasoned dancer is minimal at the end of the week. Once show price, agency fees, and show count are calculated from the top to the bottom the take home pay is very similar. It seems like everyone wants their cut and no one tips. There are very few house girls out west. The majority of strippers make their pay on stage. Only a handful of clubs even offer private dances, and even fewer allow for an actual contact lap dance.

The laws in Ontario and Quebec are FAR different. Instead of showgirls, there are features and house girls. Features are basically on the same system as showgirls out west. Income is primarily stage pay, and a lot of travel is required. Show prices, and show quality are significantly higher.

However the majority of strippers are house girls. They have a home bar, sleep in their own bed every night, and make their money in the VIP room. Working as a house girl is far more lucrative at the end of the night, and the end of the year. While no income is ever guaranteed the lack of overhead expenses alone makes up for it.

And here comes the confession. I love my job. We know. I love dancing, creating a show, and being a fantasy. I also really enjoy doing lap dances.

I like it. I like working the floor, and I enjoy doing lap dances. I’ve discovered that I can be paid to receive a back massage, or a foot rub (I love foot fetish guys- so easy to please). I enjoy spending time with customers, and I like the interaction. I get spoiled, and adored. I feel sexy, and approachable. The money is good, and the rules are well enforced. I’ve never felt threatened or unsafe in this bar. They take good care of their girls.

I like making a difference in someone’s day. Be it spending 20 minutes talking about life, or 5 minutes providing a bit of human contact, I enjoy it.



  • At 7:15 PM, Blogger Semi-Celibate Man said…

    I like that you see it positively as making a difference in someone's day. That's definitely been my experience with the dancer's I've spent time with in the club.


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