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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


The music ripples through the room as laughter rumbles in the corners. The hilariously inappropriate Atomic Vaudeville show has left us breathless from giggling. I try to explain the skits to our tardy friends but it’s futile. I just end up giggling about God and puppets and global warming mixed with barbeque sauce and boobs.

Ah well who cares! It’s time to dance. The Dollhouse slowly fills with happy people as I swivel and move to the music, chugging water and feeling the sweat glisten on my skin. I’m not working tonight and I’m not used to keeping my clothes on while dancing. My shirt sticks to my skin as I continue to dance and socialize.

My eyes light up as I discover the new prop. I grin and close my eyes, pumping my legs harder against the air. I gain height. The tips of my toes brush against the ceiling a split second before I arch back and swoosh towards the opposite wall. Every party should have a swing!

Below me I can see Carmine and our giddy and magical friends watching me. I hear the familiar giggle of Agnes from the couch and I smile at the sexy and precious girl clad in fishnets. I’m happy. I’m surrounded by friends and laughter and it’s been a great day.

It started at breakfast with Reid and Hank and the girls. The lovely and talented Carmine joined us and I was thrilled, as I always am when I get to hang out with her. From there I managed to squeeze in a couple hours of work on the business before I met Ginger downtown at a book launch. I got lots of hugs in the morning, even more hugs in the afternoon and the day was fabulous. I joined Ginger and her group for dinner before speeding to pickup Carmine and her boyfriend in order to make it to the show on time. We made it!

And we rock! We’re simply spectacularly wonderful and creative women and I LOVE it!



  • At 5:31 PM, Blogger KellyNerd said…

    YOUARESPECTACULAR .. and you always seem to be creating or going to some fantastic event!!


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