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Thursday, November 24, 2005

I have no life

I have no life.

Not that this is really news to anyone that knows me, but still I'm making it the statement of the day. So I've been reading random blogs... and I have to keep reading more because people don't write as often as I get bored.

Some of the most entertaining ones seem to be "mommy blogs". the day-to-day circus that is family. I have a lot of fun giggling at other people's children. I have fun giggling at my own family. Someday if I ever consider getting into a relationship (don't hold your breath) maybe I'll giggle at my own kids. but that's a million years away, and I'm convinced I'll be the last.

I love my family. I cherish my relationship with them and all the odd things they do that make it special. I love getting random phone calls from my daddy just to check on me. I love talking to my brother on his birthday and hearing my mom in the background hissing "Say thank you. Did you say thank you for the present?!" I love hearing about soccer games and karate and being cut off and hung up on when my brother gets bored of talking to me.

I sometimes take it for granted that everyone has a positive relationship with their family. But when I sit in the bar and talk to strangers, or other dancers I realize how fortunate I am. So often people are surprized to learn that my family knows I dance, and that they are supportive. My family loves me. Unconditional love is felt with such an innocent trust. A faith that has never been betrayed or questioned and so it remains as pure as Santa to a child.

I'm homesick, but not in a sad, pouty way... in an amused appreciative way. I'll see everyone soon. There's something special about sisters. Random phone calls, absurd txt msgs "make a wish", just talking and giggling about nothing. I always miss her. when I started dancing I told her first, I got a loving response of "gah! ew! you naked! blaaaaaaah!!" (with gagging noises)

...and my mom "so, naked? hmm dancing naked? ok. did you get the mail I sent you?"

I think my entire family has the attention span of a goldfish. Of course I'm the one searching other people's lives to keep myself amused, so I guess it's genetic.

Thanks Mom! I love you.

and in true form of ... (ooh look a kitty)... huh what?

I washed my car today... meaning of course that I drove through the touchless car wash at Esso and listened to loud music. So now my car is shiny and red again, though still a little dented, it is shiny!! I love simple pleasures leftover from the days of birthday parties with paper plates and matching napkins with popular cartoon characters. Watching the water swoosh over the whole car and the whole world disappearing in the thunder of soap and foam. It reminds me of falling asleep listening to the melody of rain splashing off the roof.


  • At 6:54 PM, Blogger Chickie said…

    I worked as a waitress in a strip club for two weekends before the male species totally skeeved me out and I quit. My hat is off to you!

    It's always great when you can be honest with your family.

  • At 10:46 AM, Blogger thestraightpoop said…

    Hi Ryann, thanks for popping by my blog...I think you're a great writer and I will be popping in regularly to see what's going on in your adventures!


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