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Friday, January 27, 2006

extreme extremes

Over the years I have had some rather strange encounters with religion. I liken these experiences to my teenage impression of feminism. When constantly confronted with the radical extremes, one is tempted to accept it as the norm.

So yes… I have at times thought of feminism as bra burning, man-bashing, anti-sex domination. I have also reacted to religion as bible thumping, anti-sex, and narrow-minded preaching and soul saving. I am going to blame the media and ambitious for such a failing.

I was raised spiritually. I attended church camps. I still attend church when circumstances allow for it. Rumour has it I am also feminist. For many years I was unable to identify with feminist politics because I don’t hate men, and I don’t hate sex.

In writing is seems absurd, but accurate. Extremes are extreme, and it’s a shame when the select few have such a negative effect. The following was stolen from an email I received from a friend

It might be worthwhile, for instance, to allow for the possibility of there being a fairly sharp distinction--both in terms of epistemology and practical outcomes--between what Tertullian was articulating when he said, Credo quia absurdam, or, "I believe because it is absurd," and Augustine's fides quaerens intellectum--"faith seeking understanding."

Point conceded. Church is fine. Faith is awesome. Seeking understanding and truth are powerful. “Save a Stripper” and attitudes such as “it’s a real shame you’re going to hell…” are not.


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