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Thursday, January 19, 2006

another one

Weirdo of the day:

As I come out of the dressing room he stops and stares. I do expect this reaction when I’m dressed as a nun. He is wearing a tight black shirt and jeans. Bald, rotund, and sporting a peppered goatee it’s obvious that he is on business. As I wait to go on stage he interrupts his game of pool to ask me, “Are you a dancer”. He speaks with a slight accent that I can’t place. I reply with “I can’t think of any other reason to be dressed like this in a peeler bar.” He tells me I’m beautiful then asks my permission to finish his game of pool. I am dressed as a nun so perhaps my blessing is required.

He takes a front row seat as I go on stage. While dancing I can see him talking about me to his friend. I can’t make out what they are saying but I do notice the compliments. On my third song he holds up two dollars American. Oooh a whole two dollars!!! Lucky me!! He motions for me to take the money between my breasts but I explain that I’m not allowed and that he would have to convince the bartender. To my surprise he jumps up to explain the situation to the bartender. I hear “Nope. She’s too smart to try that here.”

After my show I give him a keychain. Might as well have a souvenir, after all he did tip me two dollars! He looks at the keychain as again tells me how stunning I am. (I’m tired and grumpy; I know I look like it). He tells me he wants to put me in a magazine.

Ryann: What magazine?
Dude: Does it matter?

R: Yes. I control all images of me.
D: Playboy.

R: You work for Playboy?
D: No.
R: Well then…
D: What’s your price?
R: For what?
D: For a magazine. What price?
R: What magazine?
D: What about this picture? Can I buy it and put it in a magazine?
R: I don’t own it.
D: Who does?
R: Bryan Ward Photography.
D: He could do a shoot for a magazine? You are so beautiful.
R: Thanks. Yes he can shoot.
D: So I can call him?
R: Sure.
D: I’m staying at ____ hotel
R: That’s nice.
D: You’re not interested.
R: Nope.
D: Oh… you’re so beautiful.
R: Thanks. Good night.

I know very well what he’s asking for a price on. But I’m not for sale, or rental, and I’m just not in the mood for the will you sleep with me for money because you’re so beautiful discussion tonight.

One more show. I’m tired. Seven shows in one day is too much. My patience wears thin. I want to curl up with my care bear, hot chocolate, and a book. I want to lie down and forget about the world for a few hours. I don’t want to go back into that bar and fake it for another 18 minutes.


  • At 11:39 PM, Anonymous Rick Barnes said…

    man that must get annoying at times. You seem to havea good attitude that helps you.

  • At 7:26 PM, Anonymous Dirty Sanchez said…

    Well at this rate you are bound to land yourself quite a catch in no time. First the sexy pole licker, and now someone who actually volunteers to pleasure you AND to pay????

    Live the dream, baby.

  • At 8:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    There is no way I could ever do what you do if I was a woman. Knowing that in most bars the stage is usually just the right hight to kick some assholes face in. Nope, better stick to my regular job. I don't have the patience you have. There's a lot of good in you.


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