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Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday Night Gang

The Friday Night Gang fed me dinner, gave me chocolate, and told me Jesus loves me. Apparently these people come to the hotel every Friday with dinner and prayer for the dancers and hotel tenants. AND not even in a judgmental “let us save you” way. Jesus and I are good buddies. I do get very defensive when faith is shoved down my throat, or used as a weapon of discrimination. But, the Friday Night Gang was lovely. Sweet, considerate, respectful and open.
(mmm chocolate)

It is a very interesting raggedy bunch that inhabits this hotel. What choices lead a person to be alone, renting a room above a strip club? It’s obvious that there are a lot of addictions haunting these halls.

The girl working at the gas station yesterday went off about the vermin that choose to become drug addicts. Now I could be mistaken, but I have yet to meet anyone that “chose” to become an addict. The other dancer and I had to leave quickly to avoid a tirade on how close-minded and unforgiving her rant was. For a moment I found myself wondering about this nameless addict that is frequenting the local Petrocan. I know, through the grape vine, that a girl I went to high school with was last seen somewhere in this area. I know she is struggling with drugs and an abusive relationship. I have no real reason to think it to be her, but I do wonder. I pray someday she finds her path to safety and sobriety.

Weirdo of the day: Local 20-something labourer decided in his brilliance that “Wow. You’re too smart to be a Stripper!” was a compliment. So I eloquently pointed out his flawed logic and how ignorant that comment was… Boobs? And Brains? Inconceivable!!


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