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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Canada, I hope.

We are on the verge of a new government. We are on the threshold of the election, and no one can truly predict the outcome. What I do know is that the fundamentalist right exists on a foundation of discrimination. Be it sex work, abortion, immigrant culture issues, financial background, or gay marriage there is a powerful force at work. It is a doctrine that seeks to separate the worth and validity of Canadians. Sadly, so many people accept the rhetoric or are apathetic to its repercussions.

Under the guise of tradition and values they seek to dehumanize and marginalize. There are many problems in our society, and I do not pretend there are easy solutions. But the sacrifice of choice, security, freedom, and respect are NOT a fair trade for tax breaks.

"Stephen Harper says he wants members of Parliament to play a greater role in Parliament. He says he wants them to have a greater say, a greater voice. All the time, that is, except during an election campaign," Martin said.
"For the past month, Mr. Harper has had to keep many of his Conservative members in hiding. The reason is very clear. He doesn't want his Conservative candidates to tell Canadians what they stand for. He doesn't want them to say what they believe. He doesn't want them to say what they'd be working for if Stephen Harper ever formed a

government." (google news)

There is a REAL agenda hiding behind the corruption mud slinging. At best perhaps only lip service would be paid, and money and power would dominate, but what if it doesn't? What if the deep-rooted faith arguments find their way into our secular government? I stole the following from http://canuctude.blogspot.com/

The following organizations are effective in fighting for family values and biblical principles. Concerned Christians Canada Inc. (CCC) has a sincere respect for these organizations and encourages you to financially and prayerfully support them.
The following organizations may or may not reciprocally support the CCC in our objectives. The listing of the following websites in no way imply a coalition or that these organizations endorse the CCC in any way shape or form.
• The Conservative Party of Canada - www.conservative.ca
• The Christian Heritage Party of Canada - www.chp.ca
• Canada Family Action Coalition - www.familyaction.org
• The Western Standard - www.westernstandard.ca
• RealWomen Of Canada - www.realwomenca.com
• Focus On The Family Canada - www.fotf.ca
• Pure Intimacy - www.pureintimacy.org
• British Columbia Parents & Teachers For Life - www.bcptl.org
• Campaign Life Coalition - www.lifesite.net
• Alberta Pro-Life - www.albertaprolife.com
• NARTH - www.narth.com
• Birthright - http://www.birthright.org/

We have REAL problems in our country, problems which cannot be solved through blame, fear, and apathy.

Our medical system requires reworking. All Canadians have the right to full medical access regardless of income. The worth of one child over another is NOT determined by the tax bracket of the parents.

Through the increase of tuition fees and the disappearing of grants and loan forgiveness programs we are systematically creating a generation plagued with debt, and cutting off access to higher education from a huge number of potential students.

Daycare and assistance for single parents has been slaughtered. Public education is morphing into an under-funded babysitter severely lacking in physical activity, music, and support.

Canada is a mosaic of culture and heritage. A large percentage of our citizens are not from white, middle-class, Christian backgrounds. Does this make them lesser citizens? First Nations culture must be protected and respected, and the transgressions addressed. Is Christian faith the deciding factor in Canadian inclusiveness? Many Canadians are devote followers of other faiths. Does that make them less qualified to make decisions? Does that give them less freedom? In my bubble racism never existed, yet I am now witness to a level of hatred and condemnation I had never before experienced.

How does wanting to marry the person you love, respect and cherish become an election issue? It’s a human rights issue, and it has already been settled by the Supreme Court.

Less public are the struggles of individuals that are more easily dismissed. These are the individuals whose safety and options rely on the funding of social programs.
The countless homeless, struggling through a cold winter with limited options.
Drug addicts, needing medical attention and a safe injection site, just trying to avoid HIV and sickness. It’s easy to forget that heroine does not diminish human worth.
Women such as myself, working in a legal professions that exists outside of legal protection.
Prostitutes in Vancouver’s downtown eastside, working in dangerous conditions that most of us can’t even imagine. The Pickton trial begins in a week. So many women have fallen through the cracks of society, forgotten as though they never existed, but for the friends and families left to grieve.

And yet we are drowning in a campaign of slander, and immature avoidance banter. It’s easy to be self-absorbed and blind. It’s easy to judge and walk away. It’s easy to not see, to not hear, to not consider the humanity behind the label.

It’s easy to get caught up in corruption and scandal and forget the foundation of the platform. It’s easy to focus of the candy promises of more money. It’s easy to forget that it could be you in need of protection and assistance.

I don’t have solutions for the complicated issues predominant in our society. I do believe that through mutual respect and compassion solutions can be found. I do believe that every man, woman, and child is equal before the law, and before whatever god to which they pray. I do believe that every citizen is equal and worthy of respect and freedom as a human being with dreams, fears, memories and hopes.

I just pray most of Canada agrees with me on Monday.