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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

18 and drunk

She wobbles as she leans on the DJ booth, testing out her budding sexual power. Thick makeup glistens in the lights as she suggestively sips her beer. “Can we pleeeeeeeeeeeze dance on stage?” she bats her fake eyelashes and wraps her arm around her young side kick. “After the dancer” is the response from the DJ. He is obviously a veteran in this industry, amused but not seduced by the youthful enthusiasm. “I want to see some titties if you’re going to get on stage. Go find a place in front row girls” I wink at them. They are young, flirty, and drunk.

My show begins and energy fills the room as I strut, spin, and play with the crowd. The music of Top Gun entertains me as the girls writhe in their seats, staring up at me with sex oozing from their eyes. With little coercion their tops slide south, revealing perky teenage breasts.

Cheering, pouting, and begging they earn a poster and a guest appearance after my show. The crowd is enthusiast and supportive of our surprise amateurs as they scramble, ungracefully, on stage. Flip flops scuttle across the stage as the drunken gyrations begin.

I make myself comfortable in their seats, enjoying the impromptu performance. Neither one of them is wearing panties, yet they are both reluctant to remove the clothing. The juxtaposition of exhibitionism and fear is comical. I notice a tampon string and cringe. There are many tricks of the trade the girls do not know.

I suspect one of them will pick it up. Her body is tight, and liquid confidence persuades her to try new moves. She has been watching the dancers, clumsily imitating simple moves and poses. 10 bucks says she’ll be on stage within 6 months. There is no way to tell if she has the mental and emotional stamina to make a go of it, but she will try. She might even do alright. What once was a gentleman’s arena, the strip club has become a common environment for the preliminary unearthing of female sexuality. Tonight there are two 18 year old girls exploring their sexuality and power on stage and throughout the bar. I may be watching the beginning of a new stripping career as drunken enthusiasm has blended with hormones and whipped cream to the advantage of someone.

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