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Monday, March 19, 2007


I learned something new today. As some of you may remember I managed to get my poor car stuck in my driveway in the evil snow and had to call a friend of my sister’s to come rescue me. I had no idea that my annoying predicament drew the attention of the dedicated followers of Stuck World.

Fetishes amaze me. I encounter a few fetishist patrons at work, but many of the less acceptable fetishes remain hidden in the dark corners of the internet. Strip clubs are by nature very vanilla, but we certainly get our fair share of loyal fetishes. Common strip club fetishes include:

Voyeurs- I don’t think I need to explain the prevalence of that one.

Submissives- it’s pretty easy to be treated like a worthless wallet in a peeler bar, and there are usually women willing to take out frustration and rage on a willing victim. I know I’ve had my share of subs pay me to be a bitch.

In a world where the fantasy is the perception and adoration of the parts all sorts of objectification fetishes are welcome. Pick a body part or accessory, and there will be someone in the bar that fantasizes about it. Small boobs, huge knockers, legs, booty, blondes, piercings, tattoos, long hair… you name it. Many theme costumes such as the school girl and dominatrix also play on common uniform fetishes. We also get a huge variety of the clothing fetish guys. Stockings, garters, corsets… etc… and of course the favourite “fire-crotch” red head fetish, and all sorts of variations on that theme.

Foot/shoe/stiletto fetish: usually found sitting in front row staring at dancers’ feet. I LOVE foot fetish guys- they’re so easy to please.

That’s the thing about fetishes, I suspect that everybody has at least one. Some are perceived as mainstream and acceptable (like boobs- everyone is allowed to love boobs) others are considered perversions and remain secrets, hidden even from loved ones and partners.

Glad to do my part. Haha.

Oh yes I have my own fetishes. No, I’m not telling what they are ;)

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  • At 3:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    LOL....Ya know not a word of that post surprised me in the least. Me has a feeling that is why some woman hates it when they find out that their other half secretly goes to a ''ripper bar''. Personally me sees nothing wrong with it but to each his own. LOL

  • At 8:50 AM, Anonymous Gölök Zoltán Leenderdt Franco Buday said…

    A family member who is a late (passed away) character in all that once sold her shoes for hundreds to perverts, grossed her out but man did she clean up less than 30 a shoe pair and 200 in return went well, even with the gross out.


    When the pen is knocked out of my hand,
    I have but a sword left in my hand to wield.
    If the sharpness of my tongue is cut out,
    I have only the sharpness of my blade.
    If my mind is supressed,
    I have only my body to rely on.
    By denying my reason you declare war on me,
    you declare war on yourself. -- Gölök ZLF Buday


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