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Monday, April 23, 2007


It’s early. The bar is empty but for staff and a handful of patrons. I’m not even expecting to have any dances to do for another hour or so. But then the elevator door opens and a group wanders in. I notice him immediately. He’s wearing a cowboy hat and women’s clothing. Not a dress, no, he’s wearing women’s shorts and a flowered blouse. Not a small man he fills out every inch of the attire, leaving very little to my imagination. What I can see looks good.

It’s a stag, obviously. And they’ve come in to buy the Bachelor a private dance before hitting the next bar. I like this Bachelor. He’s cute and well mannered but I know that cowboy hat will look better on me. Flirting and smiling, I steal the hat and add it to my outfit. I was right. I look adorable.

Still wearing the hat I take the Bachelor by the hand a lead him into the VIP room. I dance. He watches. I dance again. His eyes never leave me.

“Are you going to give me my hat back?” he asks, watching me pull on my dress and place the hat back on my head.

“Mmmm. It looks better on me.” I reply smiling at him and walking out of the VIP. Justice is on stage, and sees me wearing the cowboy hat. Giggling, with arms outstretched she prances over to us, begging for the hat.

The Bachelor is confused, not knowing if he’s getting his hat back but enjoying trying. Once Justice does a few laps of the stage and poses seductively with the hat she tosses it back to him. Grinning he places it back on his head, adjusts his pretty blue shorts and the stag leaves the bar.

The night passes quickly. Dances are sold, beer is drunk, and women are naked. Finally at 2am I head for breakfast at Denny’s with an old friend. (For my American readers- Denny’s in Canada is actually really good)

We laugh and exchange stories over hash browns and eggs. Out of the corner of my eye I spot the infamous cowboy hat. The stag has arrived.

I catch the eye of the Bachelor and start laughing as they start pointing at me, whispering (loudly) “stripper”.

“I’ll be right back.” I tell my friend and sashay over to the stag’s table. I grab the cowboy hat off the bachelor’s head and place it on my own. Suddenly he grabs me and pulls me into his chair.

“Join us” he slurs, offering me his chair.

I accept. I watch him standing above me, happy and oblivious, and see his eyes sparkle with a new bright idea.

The Bachelor starts dancing. “Duh nu nu na” he sings, twirling his jacket over his head. “Duh nun u na”. He sings while gyrating his hips. He spins around shaking his booty, and wiggling around as I laugh and laugh.

“Ya like that!?” He asks me, pointing to his tight abs, then turning around again to wiggle his bottom.

I clap.

He unbuttons his pretty blue shorts.

I clap.

He pulls his shorts down and whips out his cock, flopping in the wind.

I look. Lucky bride.

His friends struggle to not choke on their drinks. I clap and laugh again. The Bachelor has finished his show, and pulls his feminine attire back in place. They beg me to stay, but I politely refuse. I do have company waiting for me. The Bachelor places his jacket over a high chair to make it more comfy because they’re out of chairs but I don’t sit.

Reluctantly I return the cowboy hat, shake my head and laugh. It’s bedtime for me. though I have to say I’ve never had dick in Denny’s before.



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