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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

technically it's BC

Ft. St. John... technically it's BC, but it sure feels like AB. I'm sitting in the tourist centre stealing their wireless because... well I'm a nerd and the silly hotel knows nothing about internet.. but I'm sure I'll live.

this week is slow, it's too warm. not that I ever thought I would complain about warm weather but it's affecting my income. the ground hasn't frozen so everything is on hold waiting... waiting for snow. urgh. I bought a few winter things on the weekend so I don't end up a stripper popsicle... cuz that's hot.

most of my afternoon shows are cancelled, but I still have to check in just in case 10 guys have nothing better to do at 2pm on a wednesday when the sun is shining than hang out in the local peeler bar. I'm trying to enjoy the mellow week, and not stress about the lack of shows and $$. because I know from here I have a few exhausting weeks to get through. so I"m just going to drink hot chocolate, and watch CSI for another 4 days.

ok back to work...


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