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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Naked for charity

I'm cold.
for some reason getting up, walking to my room, and getting a sweater seems absurd. Hmm I likely would have remained cold for another hour if I hadn't written that down. but in writing I sound silly... so... (wanders away) ... I got a sweater. I also made popcorn.

why is it that waiting 5 min for popcorn is too long? why oh why do I pace and stare at the microwave bored for the entire 90 seconds it takes to heat up my soup. I can't even wait for it to finish beeping because.. well... because... I don't know. It's not like I have anything better to do.

I'm done being sad about my friend. I know that may sound fickle, but I stared at the ceiling and hugged my carebear for hours last night. I didn't actually cry because most of the time I don't remember how.

But that was yesterday. Today is Saturday!! and THAT means the week is over. I have two more shows tonight, then I get my pay and skip to my car, ready for the next town. I have been in a fabulous mood all day. it started when I got to work for my first show of the day. Overnight they had Christmasized it (it's a word now people). So all around my stage there are twinkle lights and garland. it's shiny, and sparkling and oh so christmasy!!!

So I bounced around, giggled, and wished everyone a happy christmas... and they threw money at me.

then I proceeded with my day... Good Deed for the day: GOT NAKED FOR CHARITY. check.
the Stripathon was today. it was rushed, but fun... really it was a lot of boobs. I have no idea how much money was raised, but I'm glad I was able to participate.

then I went back to work. (I promice I won't do many of these silly play-by-play of my life stories) So, once again me being bouncy and happy, I was dancing to Britney Spears. say what you will, it's great stripping music. There was an old guy in front row who was groovin with me. Now he had moooooves. Beside him was a quiet kid who just stared at me with bambi eyes for the entire set.

Another 20something guy was sitting at a table with his buddy. he had a nice smile and caught my attention. Primarily because he was amused by my show. I mean really, I get naked for money. How can you take that seriously?

I stopped to talk to 20something guy after my set. we talked about art school (been there), photography (done that), graphic design, video editing, and the randomness of life. Yep, I'm a photographer. I got bored. So now I'm a stripper. sigh... 'tis true.

I'm waiting for the clouds to part and some divine intervention to appear and say "You. You will do _______ for a career, and it will be everything you've ever wanted" I fear I'm going to have to dedicate some serious mortal energy to this quest. Because I really really really need to figure this out, someday.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A Stripper? Coming soon to a blog near you (this one) "Help me find my path"...

but until the light shines on the career of choice that is out there waiting for me, I'm trying start being aware of the world again. specifically canadian politics.

Oh I'm guilty.

I try to pay attention, I really do... but Ottawa just seems like a poorly written sitcom. The characters are interesting enough, and it is canadian... so I feel I ought to support it. But it's simply to painful to watch.

I know I'm going to have to start paying attention to politics again. ugh.

My hometown just survived a heated municipal election. Instead of participating I was dressed up as a kitty cat in a bar in northern alberta. (meow) Thankfully my friends and family saved the town and all the people I would have voted for are now busy running around trying to salvage that confused city I call home.

(Stripper girl looks at the clock and runs off to the bar......... ) end post.


  • At 5:17 AM, Blogger Gadzilla said…

    I think Christmas time in Canada is the best. No matter where you go (almost) there is snow. Quite a many years back I dated a young woman from St Foy. It was an internet romance I admit but none the less one of my best Christmas events ever. I spent almost 3 weeks with her from during Christmas and into New Years. Some very good memories with that woman. However, I never followed through. I didn't go back. One of my larger regrets in my past.

    But, I still smile when I think of her and that wonderful holiday spent in canada.

    one last thing.. Stay away from polotics. I think its great to voice your opinion and try to right wrongs, but day and day out will make you older than needed. No matter where you go.. there is always a dim-witted person saying something really really stupid at a public meeting that just makes you want to scream outloud.

    Oh.. and I want PROOF that your a photographer! I wanna see a nice Christmas display. I mean you visit all these wonderful places (ok.. not ALL of them are as nice as you'd like them to be..) If you email me the picture, I will put it up on the internet and sent you the info on how to pop it onto your blog. (You might be more geek than I give you credit for so don't take offense if you already know how.) :)

  • At 10:48 PM, Blogger Ryann said…

    well contrary to 'canada is frozen' theory... there's been hardly any snow this year (2 days), and I accepted years ago that I never see snow for christmas (west coast)

    but as for the photograoher part... I got bored, and stopped carrying a camera... hopefully the creative desire returns someday


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