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Friday, July 21, 2006


Teasers… it’s my home for the week, and I’m enjoying it. Predictable in the western theme, I’m having fun with my slutty cowgirl costumes.

I tumble onto the bed, stealing a rare moment of relaxation. Reluctantly I survey the disaster. CDs, posters, money, and books clutter the bed as I search for my other red fishnet stocking. I glance at my smudged makeup and pause to repair the illusion. One more show… I’ve already done 8 today. Disorientated but punctual, I have been chauffeured everywhere, magically appearing at club after club. This is not my town and without mountains I have no sense of direction. Show count for the week is 44 shows. 19 at Teasers and 25 less demanding jam shows scattered throughout the city. The night is almost over, and I'm back at my "home" bar for one more show before I collapse for the night.

A Barbie pink PVC jacket is thrown into the corner as I dig for my skirt, careful not to snag the slut red fishnets clinging to my thighs. I attach the garter belt and wriggle into the denim mini. Panties? Nah. Another dress is tossed to the side as I glance at the time and hurry to roll posters. Bra... Where is my bra? My room is a mess, as only a stripper room can be a mess. Pieces of costumes and underwear are scattered everywhere. Bra, shirt… almost dressed. I find my red PVC vest and snap it around my waist. 6 minutes until my show. Frustrated, I fiddle with my shoes. The clasps are jammed again, and my left shoe broke a week ago. I carefully slide the ankle strap through a lower strip of plastic and make a mental note to find a shoe repair, or buy new shoes.

More CDs are tossed on the bed as I scramble to find my cowboy rock mix. Another time check as I stuff my blanket in my stage bag. With 3 minutes to spare I apply another layer of lipstick and run my hands through my hair. A white cowboy hat completes the look, and I like it. Music in hand, I sashay down the hall toward the DJ booth…



  • At 8:02 AM, Blogger Gadzilla said…

    Why is this paticular place considered your "home bar"?
    Also, I am having a hard time with making a mental image of this outfit. How bout a picture? ;) Hope the rest of you show went well.

  • At 11:03 AM, Blogger Ryann said…

    I'm the Feature at Teasers this week. I stay in the attached hotel and do 3 shows a night, and they are expected to be top quality shows.

    Jam shows are lower pressure, lower pay, and are scattered all over the city. Some pubs I only appear at once. I've done 25 jam shows at 14 different bars this week.

    and pictures... tsk tsk.

  • At 9:31 PM, Anonymous Gölök Zoltán Buday said…

    I thought that was a club, it sounded familiar, AB/Alta?
    Then again it could be chained like Deja Vu, which I remember for some reasons and can't be sure why....


    Gölök (B.J.) Buday

  • At 10:38 PM, Blogger Gadzilla said…

    Cmon now.. you really can't blame me for asking after your very descript post. :) I'm good though with the mental image. :)


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