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Sunday, October 30, 2005


Starbucks. Yay! Starbucks with wireless. Double Yay!!
I'm in Grand Prairie... a real town complete with a walmart, london drugs, starbucks, and various chain restaurants... but I've had the whole day off... so I'm bored. although there's nothing like spending weeks alone to give you the opportunity to rediscover yourself.. I'm enjoying it.
I washed my car, went to a movie (I love going to movies alone), wandered around aimlessly, made my bed, and so far I have had two grande non-fat no whip pumpkin spice lattes.... mmmm starbucks!
I'm a little homesick, so I bought a care bear... and I'm missing school, doing other people's homework is only so satisfying. I want to do my own. I want to form these experiences into a cohesive and original comment... that will somehow help me find direction and allow me to put into context my journey in such a way that will make a difference. I want to write a thesis.
I'm also feeling the lack of community service in my life. I know it's temporary, and a result of living on the road, but I'm really missing volunteering. I think that's a good thing, I'm obviously feeling much more like myself if I'm missing volunteering, I've been so drained for so long that I didn't have anything to give...
In being so selective of what I reveal about myself to the people I meet, I am able to seperate and identify various characteristics within me that combine to define me, that perhaps I had lost touch with... stripper or student... Ryann or real.... I'm still me.


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