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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Back in cowtown

It's actually past 3am, but I keep my computer on pacific time, so it lies and says 2:11am.
I just got home from work.

It feels great to be back at Speakeasy. The Calgary clubs are clean, well designed and 100% professional.

But oh is that stage every slippery, and huge!!
(there's actually a tub that raises out of the stage, but it's broken right now. awww)

I had first and last show today, so it did make for a looong day (14 hours), but I'm so happy to be back in Calgary I don't even mind. Everyone I know seems to be yabbering about snow. I haven't actually SEEN any snow (aside from the light dusting that's been on the ground for a while), but jeepers do people talk about it a lot. Maybe I'll wake up to a snow covered world and it will serve me right for not talking about the potencial snow.

I wandered around chapters this afternoon, as I often do, and picked up a new book. I figure if I'm ever going to be a professional student and write about this experience I might as well start researching the subject... so I have begun my quest into women's studies literature. I've just started reading "promiscuities" by Naomi Wolfe. So far I've encountered very intruiging descriptions of women as either "moms" or "barbies".... ahh the virgin/ whore... prude/ slut dualities... more to come on that topic at a later date. I'm looking forward to learning more about feminist theory so I am better prepared to argue it.

There hasn't been an overwhelming TV presence in my life the past week, I think the lack of mind-numbing stimulation is good for me. Perhaps I'll read and write more, and zone out less. As tempted as I am to watch late night TV, I think I'm going to go read other peoples blogs and try to convince myself I'm tired...


  • At 5:02 AM, Blogger Chickie said…

    Blog reading is a big source of amusement for me. It kind of freaks me out though when I look at the clock and see I've just been clicking away for the last 2 hours!

  • At 11:01 AM, Blogger Cairde said…

    First off, I love that you used the word "jeepers"! I used the word coinkydink (my way of saying coincidence) in an email today and my friend thinks I am a weirdo...heck, I guess I am.

    I took a class on Women and Religion when I was a junior in college. If I hadn't been so busy trying to pass organic chemisty and genetics, I would have liked to do a bit more research into the subject. The role of women has varied so much over the ages and throughout different societies, it is quite amazing. The concept that we all are either prudes or sluts is very frustrating... Can there be no happy medium? I remember trying to talk to my mom about how I was frustrated that all the guys around me were hitting on me and get angry when I wouldn't respond in the manner they wanted. She said I can either get fat again (as I once weighed 80lbs more than I do now) or I can become a slut. I am afraid I do not like those options, so I am going about it in my own way. Laugh at the fools, befriend the good ones and hope one day to find a man who can accept my happy medium.


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