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Friday, November 04, 2005

Character... pass it on

Character.. pass it on... I like that commercial. There are quite a few commercials I like these days, obviously I'm watching too much TV. but I like that someone is promoting and advocating how one voice can make a difference. I hope so...
Character… strength… social accountability… acceptance…

Why is our society still so far from what we preach, and proclaim to the rest of the world. Why is there still so much racism and discrimination?
Why is close-minded ignorance something to declare with arrogance?

I’m here to make money. But it makes me sick to my stomach every time I hear these people brag about how rich and superior Alberta is, how proud they are. How wonderful it is because it’s not full of Chinese like “Hong-couver”. The intolerance is blatant and repulsive. Am I enabling the bigotry by flirting? Am I undermining progress by living on the oil money this province is so self-righteous about?

It’s revolting.

I don’t pretend to approve. I refuse to smile and bat my eyelashes and play the “stupid stripper”. I’m not some bimbo that exists to be some rig pig’s blowup doll. Yup, that's me... the girl wandering around the bar in stilettos and lingerie debating and challenging the red neck manifesto.

I condemn the discrimination, and I do defend the cultural diversity and tolerance I have been so accustomed to on the west coast. Of course there is discrimination in Vancouver, but here I feel like I've gone back in time. Back to a time of fear-based ignorance and religious tunnel vision.

It saddens me to hear such close-minded views so prevalent in a country that positions itself as a leader in equal rights and acceptance.

I make it known, everyday, that I am proud to defend this country and the ideals it strives to achieve.We may not be there yet, as is so evident in this petroleum permeated region that seems to be so detached from the social integrity of Canada. But, I am going to take this money and use it towards my education. I’m going to use this money and this experience to help me find my social voice, so that someday I can be an advocate and a positive contribution to my community as we slowly move towards the society pledged in our national documents.
I hope someday we get there.


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