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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

An Italian boy fell in love with me today

It's Tuesday! I really don't care that the clock has clicked beyond midnight, as long as I haven't gone to bed it remains today.

An Italian boy fell in love with me today. He was very pretty, and very infatuated. He sat in front row for two shows gazing up at me in adoration. Apparently I am the sweetest, prettiest, most amazing stripper ever. Sweet!! He told me I'm beautiful and a goddess, and we talked about art. Then I danced naked. He says he'll be back to see me again later in the week. Which of course makes sense as he in in love with me.

It was a good crowd. Not a large crowd, but a handful of very appreciative and fun patrons. I had a lot of fun with my 50's set again today. It's my current favourite. A couple of older guys were groovin' to the music. Apparently in my poodle skirt I bring back all sorts of memories... Probably of early crushes and high school romance. I love being a fantasy.

...and on that note... I'm going to bed.


  • At 10:50 AM, Blogger deepthoughts said…

    Sweet! Italian boys can be pretty. Specially if they have long dark lashes. So cute.

    I'd love to see your 50s set. It sounds awesome. It reminds me of this article I read in my gender relations class about burlesque. The performer described her set and the feeling it gave her and it was so cool. I could totally picture it. It's exciting! You rock!


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