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Sunday, April 26, 2009

6th Annual Exotic Dancer for Cancer Fundraiser

6th Annual Exotic Dancers for Cancer Fundraiser

Probably the best thing that could've happened to the Exotic Dancers For Cancer is when some toffee-nosed charities refused their stripathon money a few years back.

A lot of folks bridled at that caste-implied snobbery. The ED4C's efforts gained a higher profile and, subsequently, larger hauls for charity.

The dancers' sixth annual fund raiser takes to the stage this Thursday at Vancouver's Cecil Showlounge. (May 24 at the Fox Showroom in Victoria.) "Last year we raised $10,000, and I'd love to beat that," says Ryann Rain, whose company, Stilettostorm, is organizing the show in Vancouver.

"The theme this year is 'Believe,' so it's this whole fantasy atmosphere of hope and beauty and inclusion -- this really fun atmosphere." Along with organizing fund-raisers, Rain's company holds erotic arts workshops, philosopher cafes, and provided most of the entertainment for the Naughty But Nice trade shows in Vancouver and Abbotsford.

"I customize the show for the event, so Exotic Dancers For Cancer is a stripathon -- it's very much about exotic dancing. Abbotsford, they would set us on fire if we did that." Says Rain: "One of the reasons Exotic Dancers For Cancer is so dear to my heart is that it allows people an opportunity to support the cause in a sex-positive, women-positive event -- and remember that really it comes down to cancer doesn't discriminate and nor should we."

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